Showcase your product in a huge network of estate agents, Live track your listing performance, create offers to further push your sales, all are few features to name dedicated to generate faster and a hassle free selling experience for you.

Manage your complete seller portfolio in one place

A large community of professional estate agents at your service

Showcase your product in a huge network of professional estate agents always on a lookout to close deals for you.

Upload your listing, sit back and relax

As you successfully upload a seller listing on the Propliv seller app, estate agents who have marked the location and property type of your property listing as their expertise in the agent’s app get a pop up notification. This unique feature enhances the productivity of your sales drastically as the job is handed to the right individuals in every case.

As a Propliv seller, you get various unique features to live track your property listing. You can easily check the number of times your listing was viewed among estate agents, saved by them as important, shared by them with their clients and the enquiries that have been generated on your listing.


Propliv let you see who viewed your seller listing, how many times with exact date and time. You can learn about the interest of the estate agents in your property listing as they save them.


See who shared your property listing with their prospective clients. Check all the queries and response estate agent put on your seller listings.

Site visit digitalisation gives you complete control and creates a database of who visits your property listing.

Introducing secured access

All site visits on your seller listings are authenticated by an OTP that an agent has access to once you accept their visit request. This OTP is used on another guard app Propliv Security that can be easily installed on the person’s phone available on your sites. 

How it works ?

Once an Estate Agent requests you for a site visit, you get a notification on the Propliv Seller app where you can accept or deny mentioning additional details.

Site visit invite view on agent’s app

Estate agents then use the OTP generated from your invite on the Security app to get access to your property with their client at the time of their site visit.